Bathroom Vanity Tops

Nothing can add a touch of elegance to a bathroom like a natural stone vanity top.

However, many people think that the cost of natural stone is too much for their tiny vanity. This is simply not the case. With hundreds of remnants, in countless sizes and colors Top Line Granite is sure to have a piece of stone that will both fit your décor and your budget. For larger vanity tops, multiple vanities in the same space or you just don’t find a remnant that you like you can always browse through our vast inventory of full slabs. And much like in the kitchen, if you are putting your home on the market, a natural stone vanity top is appealing to potential buyers.

Key Features

  • Cost effective
  • Adds value
  • Elegance


Low Cleaning & Maintenance

Marble, Granite and quartz bathroom countertops require less cleaning and maintenance because of the natural hardness and non-porous trait of this engineered stone.

NOTE: Unlike granite and marble, quartz does not require any sealing maintenance to achieve a good anti-stain property. When cleaning and polishing quartz countertops, make sure to use a soft microfiber and avoid abrasive scrubbers. Likewise, use a neutral dish soap solution for disinfection and cleaning.